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Octubre 27, 2004


Foto: Paul Richards, AFP.

Once the younger Mr. Bush's faith took hold, it spread to his political ambitions. "I believe that God wants me to be president," is what Richard Land, a leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, recalls hearing Mr. Bush say in a meeting with close associates on the day of his second inaugural as governor of Texas. Once elected president, Mr. Bush went to work. "We need common-sense judges who understand our rights were derived from God," he says in a 2002 clip. "And those are the kind of judges I intend to put on the bench."
Frases de George Bush sobre religión. Bush and God. Newsweek 10 marzo 2003. The Jesus Factor. Frontline, cadena PBS.

Comentarios a la foto en Daily Kos:


Let's hope he learned something.

"HEAL!! I said, before the Lord Almighty, HEAL!!"

Now show me on the doll exactly where the President touched you...

Oh, that is just SO wrong. that kid will be in therapy for years.

Why would a parent ask a COMPLETE STRANGER to touch their kid? It's fucking worship. They literally worship Bush like some sort of god (check those Commandments, Goopers!). If I was asked to do that, I'd feel very uncomfortable. I would not like being worshipped blindly; I want every quantum of trust people place in me to be EARNED.

That is not a pat on the head. He's praying for her. His hand is on her face. You do not pat someone on the face. I grew up in a church where they do that stuff, and I saw that pic and immediately knew that he was praying for her. I mean, when you think about it, a GOP Christian would have one of their goals in life to have their kid prayed for by Bush, the "man of God". I could easily see the parent of that kid to say to Bush, "Would you pray for my kid?"

Last winter, Dean was criticized by a parent in a newspaper story because he declined to kiss her baby (after she'd been waiting for hours). I wonder why a parent (especially during flu season) would be dumb enough to want a campaigning politician, who'd been close to thousands of strangers, kissing her baby. Of course, as a doctor Dean would've been aware of this. Some parents do indeed view their kids as extensions of themselves.

Almighty, please protect this child from the evil of the internets.

Posted by Iñigo at Octubre 27, 2004 03:46 PM

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