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Agosto 18, 2006

Al servicio de Irán

Robert Fisk, en una entrevista en Dar Al Hayat:

Are we witnessing now, as Israel tries to convince the world, a war between Lebanon and Israel?

No, absolutely not. But the Lebanese State cannot rein in Hizbullah. It is a war between two countries: Syria and Israel, while the Lebanese are as usual the victims.

There is a confirmed relation between the capture of the two Israeli soldiers and the Iranian nuclear program. In my opinion, Hizbullah may be God's servant, but it is certainly Iran's too. Likewise, it serves Syria. But Iran remains its real reference. As proof, I always meet on my visits to Tehran Hizbullah's affiliates.

¿Y qué es lo que preocupa ahora mismo al Gobierno iraní? Ahmadineyad:

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran could not abandon its nuclear program while the United States was developing new atomic bombs every year.

Irán tiene hasta el 22 de agosto para responder a la última exigencia de Occidente y Rusia sobre su programa nuclear.

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