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Mayo 10, 2010

Exile on Main St: una mula que no deja de cocear


Jagger, Richards y Watts hablan sobre 'Exile on Main St.', su mejor disco y también uno de los más grandes de la historia del rock.

Richards is quicker to acknowledge that, nearly 40 years on, Exile on Main St still kicks like a drunken mule. “I was always proud of it. It showed the boys at their best, not just the music, which is obviously very important, but the way the band itself hunkered down and circled the wagons.

“All negative thoughts were put aside, not that the Stones have many negative thoughts. If there are, they’re usually all over in a flare-up. ‘I hate you, I’ll never see you again.’ ‘Okay, but tomorrow we’ll be in the studio.’”

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