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Diciembre 22, 2010

El testimonio de la ocupación israelí

La organización Breaking the Silence ha publicado en forma de libro los testimonios de centenares de soldados israelíes que han servido en los territorios palestinos en la última decada.

From the descriptions given by the soldiers, one comes to grasp the logic of Israeli operations overall. The testimonies leave no room for doubt: while it is true that the Israeli security apparatus has had to deal with concrete threats in the past decade, including terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens, Israeli operations are not solely defensive. Rather, they systematically lead to the de facto annexation of large sections of the West Bank to Israel through the dispossession of Palestinian residents. The widespread notion in Israeli society that the control of the Territories is intended exclusively to protect the security of Israeli citizens is incompatible with the information conveyed by hundreds of IDF soldiers.

El libro puede leerse o descargarse aquí.

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