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Agosto 13, 2011

Cosas que hacer en sábado cuando no estás muerto

'Making The Shinning', un documental de 35 minutos sobre el rodaje de 'El resplandor' hecho por la hija de Stanley Kubrick. Qué mal lo debió de pasar Shelley Duvall. Vía Kottke.

--Una entrevista con Howard Hawks de 1976. Vía The Front Row.

My opinion was that he [John Ford] was the best director in the picture business. It was very strange because we were both very pleased that the other one would steal from him. We didn’t have any feeling of jealousy or anything like that. When I made Red River with Wayne, Ford saw it and said, “I didn’t think the big son-of-a-bitch could act!” And he put him in two really good pictures immediately after, and within a year and a half Wayne was one of the biggest stars in the picture business.

Every time I made a picture with Wayne, Ford used to come down and stay with us on location, watching. And I’d say, “Can’t you wait to see it to steal something from it?”

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