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Octubre 11, 2004

Monsieur, tiene una llamada

Bush tiene razones para no soportar a Chirac. Y viceversa. Un libro escrito por dos periodistas franceses sugiere que EEUU (¿la CIA?) escuchó algunas de las conversaciones telefónicas de Chirac antes de la guerra de Irak:

The book also discloses that French officials became convinced the United States had eavesdropped on Chirac's phone conversations after a U.S. official warned a French military official that "the relationship between your president and ours is irreparable on the personal level. You have to understand that President Bush knows exactly what President Chirac thinks of him."

Cantaloube (uno de los autores) said the threat was believable to French officials because Chirac has a habit of not using secure lines for phone calls, often just pulling out his cell phone to make impromptu calls. "Chirac is a compulsive phone dialer," he said.

El libro, "Chirac Contre Bush: L'Autre Guerre", también cuenta que Chirac estaba dispuesto a colaborar con tropas en la invasión de Irak si Sadam cometía el error de no permitir la vuelta de los inspectores de la ONU. Su ardor guerrero se enfrió cuando los inspectores pudieron entrar en Irak... y cuando el presidente francés echó un vistazo a las encuestas.

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Lo mejor es el final: Chirac knew Bush's father, former president George H.W. Bush, well, but that relationship actually proved to be a distraction for the current president, according to the book, which says that Bush was annoyed that Chirac kept mentioning his father at every occasion. For months, French diplomats asked Chirac not to refer to Bush's father when he met the president, but he kept doing it. During one of Bush's first European trips, when the new president impressed other European leaders at a summit, Chirac excitedly pulled out his cell phone to call Bush's father to report that the new president had done a great job, the authors said. "The father reported this to his son," Cantaloube said. "It was not very well received in the White House." Zorro viejo, este Chirac :-)

Posted by: FrancoAlemán at Octubre 12, 2004 02:11 PM