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Abril 16, 2006


El dominical del NYT publica hoy un largo reportaje sobre Juan Goytisolo: The Anti-Orientalist.

What is remarkable about Goytisolo is the shrewdness of his long-term political judgment. On the ideological causes that tripped up so many of his generation, Goytisolo has consistently come down on what turned out to be the right side. Although he was an initial enthusiast for revolutionary movements in Cuba, Indochina and Algeria, Goytisolo was quick to point out how freedom-loving guerrillas, once in power, tended to morph into dictators backed by an omnipresent secret police. In the 60's, he was one of the first writers on the left to acknowledge that Fidel Castro had turned (as he wrote) "that ex-paradise of a Caribbean island... into a silent and lugubrious floating concentration camp."

During the same period, he was accused of treachery by his comrades in the anti-Franco resistance for publishing an essay in the French newsweekly L'Express predicting, regretfully, that Spain was going to be liberated from Franco not by left-wing revolution but by the market forces that were "normalizing" the country.

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