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Mayo 03, 2008

El último chiste de Boris

Londres ya tiene nuevo alcalde gracias a la incompetencia manifiesta de Gordon Brown. Se llama Boris Johnson y es el autor de una de las promesas electorales más honestas, atractivas y directas que se hayan escuchado jamás:

“Voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a BMW M3.”

Dicho así, es raro que los conservadores lleven tanto tiempo sin ganar unas elecciones generales. Nunca hay exceso de pechos o de BMWs.

Su fama de payaso puede hacer algo de gracia, pero hay algunos que no lo encuentran particularmente divertido:

Boris Johnson is a dishonest, incompetent clown, whose life has been a story of contemptuous, self-serving privilege...

He is a man who has lost a number of jobs for lying: he was sacked from The Times for making up a quotation from his godfather, the Oxford historian Colin Lucas, and lost his front-bench role, under Michael Howard, for lying about his four-year extra-marital affair with his fellow toff journalist, Petronella Wyatt...

Although he is campaigning to run London, he admits to complete administrative incompetence: he left a job as a trainee management consultant complaining that he could not “stay conscious” when confronted with financial information...

He is also a particularly offensive kind of clown, as is evidenced by his absurd litany of gaffes and insults. The people of Papua New Guinea are, according to Johnson, “cannibals,” while Portsmouth is “full of drugs, obesity, underachievement and Labour MPs”...

La clase alta británica sabe perdonar los comentarios racistas o vulgares si son divertidos. No son los únicos.

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