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Agosto 14, 2009

Mercenarios con problemas mentales

El futuro de la guerra se antoja brillante gracias a la política de contratación de las empresas de mercenarios. Cuanto más locos e irresponsables, mejor. Sólo tienen que apretar rápido el gatillo.

A British military contractor accused of shooting dead two of his colleagues in Iraq was hired despite being sacked from another security firm and having a long history of psychiatric illness, The Independent has learnt. (...)

Last night, in an interview with The Independent, his family revealed that just months before being hired by ArmorGroup, a psychiatric report had found Mr Fitzsimons was suffering from severe post-traumatic stress with repeated flashbacks, nightmares and anxiety attacks.

Más sobre el tema en este artículo que un ex mercenario escribió para The Guardian sobre lo que vio en Irak a lo largo de los últimos años: Baghdad meets the Wild West.

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"Doe #2 also says Prince "repeatedly ignored the assessments done by mental health professionals, and instead terminated those mental health professionals who were not willing to endorse deployments of unfit men." He says Prince and then-company president Gary Jackson "hid from Department of State the fact that they were deploying men to Iraq over the objections of mental health professionals and security professionals in the field," saying they "knew the men being deployed were not suitable candidates for carrying lethal weaponry, but did not care because deployments meant more money.""


Posted by: Carlos Sardiña at Agosto 14, 2009 07:36 PM

Y si no vienen locos de serie, La escalera de Jacob.

Posted by: maya at Agosto 14, 2009 11:31 PM