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Julio 19, 2007

Talibanes paquistaníes

Ahmed Rashid, sobre el peligro de que los integristas puedan infiltrarse en el Ejército de Pakistán:

Generally, extremists aren't strongly represented in the higher command. But lower down in the ranks there is a lot of sympathy for Islamic causes. Many in the army have been brought up with the philosophy of jihad and the idea that defending Islam can at times trump defending the nation. The real issue is a political one: During the Cold War, the army depended on extremists to project its support for Kashmiri insurgents and the Taliban. These extremist groups were used as cannon fodder in those wars. Today the military even allows Pakistanis in large numbers to go and fight at the side of the Taliban. Of course, the blow back effect of this is what we are seeing in the tribal areas on the Pakistani side of the border. Today, there is a new phenomenon called the Pakistani Taliban, which has become a major threat to the state.

En Guerra Eterna:
--Sangre en la Mezquita Roja. 11 julio.
--La solución está en Pakistán. 30 mayo.

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Hay una duda que siempre me surge al leer estas informaciones: qué son extremistas y con respecto a qué, qué son modereados y respecto a qué,... Debe ser mi deformación como físico (relativismo lo llama la ICAR con absoluto desprecio) pero necesito un origen para poder situar las coordenadas...

Posted by: Juanete at Julio 20, 2007 10:40 AM

Censuran el jueves por esta portada


Contra la censura, ponlo en tu blog.

Posted by: la desheredada at Julio 20, 2007 05:22 PM